Dr. Seuss Pulp Fiction

"The Gold Watch"
Written by Chris Lake.  Based on a script by Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary

Hello, young boy, I'm Koons, I am
your father's pal in Vietnam.
When we were there in Hanoi Hell
we stuck together there, and well,
we took an oath, as war buds do
and I have something just for you:

This watch was your great-granddad's first
he wore it in World War the First.
It was for wrist and not for pocket.
He kept it with him like a locket.
And when he did return, this man
he put it in a coffee can.
Your granddad fought a war much later
because he was a nazi hater.
"World War Two" as it was named.
He took the watch and then he came
to Wake Island though he did dread
in little time he would be dead.
Before he died, the watch he sent
to his little newborn infant.
That little child, he was your father.
Though he was good, he didn't bother
to cry about the now dead man;
he was to young to understand.
When he was old enough to fight,
to Vietnam he took a flight
and over Hanoi was shot down.
They took him to a prison town.
Actually, I was a camp:
bleak and hot and sad and damp.
A gook who saw the watch might steal it,
so up his ass he did conceal it.
For five long years it did remain
it stayed up there through all the pain.
And when he died of dysentery
the watch became my own to carry.
With hunk of metal up my ass
for two more years I had to last.
To family, I then returned
to claim the joy that I had earned.
Now I am back and happy too,
to pass this watch along to you.