Folks I Know
Mr. Blue's Guide to Spiffyness:  Links to some unusual places on the web, plus a yellow submarine cursor and cornflake poetry
Stepopolis:  An online community of sorts
The Angry Cow:  A resource for anime, manga, and more
Eric Errthum:  His page is odd. . . yeah.
Film and Such
The Internet Movie Database:  One of my favorite places in the internet
Barb's Kids in the Hall Page:  So, what are they up to now?
BC Central:  Bruce Campbell is an actor.  He has a nifty web site.
Bruce Campbell Saved My Balls!  A bit low-brow, but a good rebuttal to the myriad "ate my balls" pages out there
The Internet Beatles Album
They Might Be Giants
David Bowie
Big Audio Dynamite