I'm sorry it took so long to get this page up and running. I've been at college and my time has been dedicated to film, computer science, german, tai chi, anime and other fun things. I also deleted my web page composer to save space, so I have to relearn all of the html tags I thought I'd never need again. Bear with me. Here are some episode summaries:

Episode 1:
Featured skits: Shakespearean Plays Performed by Action Figures: Hamlet, Cookie Talk, Senseless Thing, Crunchy Cereal
Plot development: It's all fun and games for the cast of ET11Television until they book "Jack Nicholson" as a guest on the show. Jack freaks out and chases them into the bathroom with an axe.
Episode 2:
Featured skits: Fire Talk, A Tribute to Bubba
Plot development: Chris tells friends Jason and Bill about how he, Eric and Joe escaped death at the hands of Jack Nicholson. He relates the events of an autopsy performed in Eric's basement which revealed Jack to be a robot replicate of the real Jack Nicholson. Meanwhile, in the evil lair of the evil Doctor Callard evil, evil, evil, the Doctor contemplates the consequences of the discovery that one of his robots has attempted to kill. He decides to send out a Tae Kwon Do robot to "silence" them. Chris et al find a hologram program from within Nicholsonbot which tells them the origin of the robot. The Tae Kwon Do robot shows up and chases them all the way to Dubuque, Iowa to the tune of Syn Barrett's "Effervescing Elephant." They are cornered on the roof of a parking garage and escape by reciting the digits of PI.
Episode 3:
Featured skits: Ewok Talk, Teenage Barbie, Llama Love, Dorky Kommbattt, The Yo-yo Plot development: There seems to be no plot development in this episode. Chris and Eric sit outside of an ice cream shop and introduce the skits. . . . But something fishy seems to be happening to time at the end. . .
Episode 4: Coming next summer, probably
Possible skits: The Race
Possible plot development: In another world, in a tranquil shrine, peace is threatened. Justice carries a yo-yo. Chris wonders why his hair has changed color.

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